Real Estate Development Reimagined

TopScale is a fast growing real estate company that acquires and develops properties in the Southern United States. The latest Great Migration, fueled by the Pandemic is taking place at a fast pace. As we are seeing droves of families leave cities in the Northeast, Midwest and the West Coast for the quality of life in the South.

The Future of Real Estate Development is Here

Our team of experts leverages the latest in technology to make sure that our real estate investments are handled with the utmost precision. From property selection to location analysis to financial planning, we have you covered.

Creating Value for Our Clients & Communities

At Top Scale Developments, we’re not just focused on providing capital returns- we’re also committed to creating meaningful value for our clients and their communities. We provide comprehensive services to ensure that our projects are successful and beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

Unparalleled Experience & Service Quality

Our team has decades of experience in the commercial real estate industry, accruing a deep understanding of both local and national markets. We provide unparalleled service quality with transparent communication throughout each project- from start to finish.
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